Steel Garden Stakes

Expect you or someone you know has completed a backyard veggie garden. And now, you decide that a gardening present is a fitting reward for all the hard work that was committed to complete the veggie garden project.

Steel Garden Stakes

Steel Garden Stakes

Many gardening gifts are little low-cost items like gloves, shovels, spading fork, hoe, garden compost, and soil testers simply among others. Instead of offering a tool as a gift, why not consider a garden decor product like distinct handmade steel garden stakes.

Steel garden stakes make the ideal garden device in addition to garden decor present that any backyard vegetable garden enthusiast will really value. Additionally, they make excellent gardening antiques.

There is absolutely nothing more enticing than looking at a cultivated vegetable garden where all the vegetables are identified with redwood stakes. It is not only appealing; it is sure to be a big hit. Keep in mind, the more distinct and sensational the garden stakes are, the more they will be appreciated. Although steel garden stakes are rather popular, there is absolutely nothing more striking than a garden marked off with handmade steel garden stakes.

The redwood stakes must be made from two pieces, a redwood block and a REPLACEABLE round 1/4-inch birch wood dowel (used for the stake).

The block is made from high quality completed redwood and it is sanded to a smooth surface. The redwood block measures: 1-3/8-inches broad x 4-inches long x 3/8-inches thick.

A colorful image of the vegetable in addition to the veggie name is transferred to the redwood block. The block is then treated with a number of layers of varnish to secure it from the sun and weather. For example, the block for the carrot garden stake has a beautiful image of a lot of carrots, together with the veggie name of CARROTS.

The exchangeable 1/4-inch round wood dowels are offered at the majority of home hardware centers and they typically come in lengths of three and four feet. This permits you to cut the dowels to the specific length that you desire. The most popular lengths for the dowel-stakes are in between twelve and eighteen inches.

You can use a hand-held pencil sharpener to somewhat bevel completions of the 1/4-inch dowel. The beveled ends make it much easier to insert the dowel into the redwood block and your garden.

So, when you are wanting to provide a garden gift that will be treasured for several years to come, think about offering special handmade steel garden stakes. These stakes offered by are not only appealing, they will provide the recipient many years of pleasure when they gaze out over their garden.